Stress fighting virtual reality application
Usage of Virtual Reality is psychotherapy is cutting-edge innovation, which can significantly simplify anti-stress corrections.
Everyone is affected by stress, regardless of social status and material level. Stress is the cause of 80% of diseases. There are many ways to fight stress and one of them is scream therapy which requires from a psychotherapist various skills helping the patient to visualize stress and start the therapy.

Inspired by primal scream therapy of Arthur Yanov we have created VR-application, which encourages people to shout. During the session, patients relieve negative energy and feel an immediate relief.
The idea behind the innovation is inspired by primal scream therapy of American psychoterapist Arthur Yanov. His finding was that after shouting patients usually feel an immediate relief.

Using VR technologies we can revolutionary simplify the therapy and provide patients and psychotherapists with a simple and easy to use device.
VoxBox is VR application, which provokes people to shout. Initially, we show people a peaceful beach and mountains which are suddenly getting filled with smoke and darkness. In order to return the picturesque view patients are asked to shout as loud as they can.

VoxBox technology creates 32 sound reception fields around the person. And each of them is scream sensitive.

During the session, patients are to "shut down" all fields around them hereby getting rid of darkness. After the session patients can enjoy the beautiful view and get compliments for successful fulfillment of task and overcoming the stress.

We need Samsung Galaxy 7 or higher with installed VoxBox application, Gear VR and soundproof space where a patient can comfortably shout.

The VR application is made with Unity (VR creation engine)
"A team of Ukrainian developers have produced the VoxBox virtual reality app which allows user to dispel dark smoke in front of them with screaming, opening up an oceanside scene."

"Developers are working on the project VoxBox, which offers to fight stress with a method of shouting into virtual reality."

"The next stage of VoxBox development is carrying out studies with different patient groups, developing new program scenarios and entering the market with a commercial product format."

"The first version of the product passed one wave of trials with the participation of 28 people in Kiev. To test the effect of the VoxBox, the development of the technological startup Mawi."

"According to the developers, VoxBox can be used both in children's VR-games, and in the work of a psychotherapist. The team has already begun negotiations on the testing of VoxBox for the purpose of rehabilitation of military and refugees to fight post-traumatic stress disorder."
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